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We offer a quick invoice scheme for the parts that we purchase.  We can pay on-site in any way that suits your business.

About Us

All of our staff are experts in the field with years of experience.

If you need to know anything about one of our products then please do not hesitate to call.

We purchase all parts that can remanufactured or recycled.


We trade Diesel Injectors, Diesel Pumps, ABS Pumps, Turbos, Steering Racks, ECU's, Calipers,  Starter Motors, Alternators and much more.

We offer a quck invoice scheme for parts that we purchase, we can pay on-site in any way that suits your business.


We deliver to anywhere in the UK.

UK Auto Core, rountinely visit customers around the UK.

We have a large number of regular appointments and we are always looking to  reach out to more people.

UK Auto Core go above and beyond when it comes to shipping.

We  receive automobile parts from all over the UK and Europe.


Various pumps make up a vital part of your car''s air conditioning system.

UK Auto Core stock Aircon Pumps for all kinds of motor vehicles.


UK Auto Core stock spare instruments that provide the driver with instant, accurate information about the vehicles, speed, engine revolutions, water temperature and fuel level. With the approach of ITS, automobile instruments are being coupled with data communications and safety display functions. Consequently, the instrument panel is evolving into a more advanced information display system, and is becoming the interface between the driver and the machine. To provide the driver with an optimal display, UK Auto Core is developing new types of display systems, using its own special approach based on ergonomics and the application of advanced technology.

Customer First

At Autosave we put our customers first. If you have a question or concern about your car, our friendly and knowledgeable associates can help, from diagnosing an engine problem to matching the right polish for your car. Our engine starters are reliably sourced to function correctly, and are avaiable from a wide range of manufacturers.


If your car makes unpleasant crunching noise when you turn the wheel, chances are your steering mount is worn out and needs to be replaced. Here at UK Auto Core, we stock many different steering racks suitable for your needs.


UK Auto Core Range of Throttle Bodies. We do many other throttle bodies. Check our catalog, or call us for our range of makes and models.

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