We buy ABS - short for anti-lock braking system - is a safety feature that allows a car's wheels to remain touching the ground. These systems are often powered by pumps, which can fail.
If you're looking for an affordable replacement ABS pump you've come to the right place! We are one of the UK''s leading suppliers of quality guaranteed used ABS pumps with spares available for any make and model. 


We provide high-class refurbishing services to all brands of brake caliper.

We specialize in replacement parts for brakes and brake systems


We stock and recycle a large range of diesel fuel parts and accessories for diesel engines, all at incredibly low prices. You will find parts for buses vans, trucks, and cars suitable for many makes and models.


ECU is short for engine control unit. UK Auto Core can purchase and recycle your old engine control unit(s) for a more than reasonable price.

EGR Valves

EGR Valves play an important role in recirculating harmful exhaust gasses away from the car and passengers. We buy sell and refurbish parts like these for many different cars, vans and vehicles from major consumer brands across the UK.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injectors were introduced as a replacement to the carburettor in all modern cars. They are integral to the fuel injection system and work by regularly efficiently spraying fuel into the combustion chambers of the engine. When replacing your car’s fuel injectors it is important to ensure that you purchase the right parts for your car as different cars use different fuel injection systems.


UK Auto Core stock spare instruments that provide the driver with instant, accurate information about the vehicles, speed, engine revolutions, water temperature and fuel level. With the approach of ITS, automobile instruments are being coupled with data communications and safety display functions. Consequently, the instrument panel is evolving into a more advanced information display system, and is becoming the interface between the driver and the machine. To provide the driver with an optimal display, UK Auto Core is developing new types of display systems, using its own special approach based on ergonomics and the application of advanced technology.


Various pumps make up a vital part of your car''s air conditioning system.

UK Auto Core stock Aircon Pumps for all kinds of motor vehicles.


If your car makes unpleasant crunching noise when you turn the wheel, chances are your steering mount is worn out and needs to be replaced. Here at UK Auto Core, we stock many different steering racks suitable for your needs.

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